Wednesday, 11 March 2015


What could those numbers mean?

1 + 1  Well, in October 2013 we purchased 2 alpacas.

1 + 1 + 1  Miranda, the female, was pregnant when we got her, and gave birth to her male cria, Minky, in March last year.

1 + 1 + 1 - 1  We discovered that the male we originally purchased was related to Miranda so trying to breed the two of them was out of the question.  The breeder was most apologetic and without hesitation told us she would replace the male.

1 + 1 + 1 - 1 + 2  So, on the 27th February we "swopped" out the sibling male for Rupert - a two year old alpaca.
Carlotta a.k.a. Carly on the left,
and inquisitive Rupert on the right
As Minky was trying to misbehave with his mother, he was moved to the male paddock, and Miranda was all alone in her paddock.  Alpacas are very social animals and she was showing sign of distress (constant humming).  We therefore decided that she needed a friend.

So we purchased Carlotta.  Carlotta is such a mouthful, so she is now known as Carly.
Miranda "investigating" her new paddock
The meeting between the old and new alpacas was just too sweet to witness.

Miranda came to the fence to greet Rupert, who was first out of the horsebox.
It's just a kiss to the right...
Minky and Rupert - they decided to meet and greet over a fence - but, what they did was identical to Miranda and Rupert / Miranda /and Carly - and this time my camera was ready...
... and then a kiss to the left.
... they "kissed" on either side of the face :)

Co-incidentally, we now have a brown and white alpaca in either paddock.

Apart from a bit of a testosterone reaction on Rupert's part towards Minky, everyone seems to be getting on happily.

It's really lovely to see two alpacas in either paddock grazing literally right next to each other.

As for Rupert - his testosterone levels will hopefully drop in the next couple of weeks - once he has "done the deed" with Miranda.  Carly - we're hoping to keep her to breed with Minky next year.  No cross breeding will thus take place :)


  1. They are just the sweetest looking things!

    1. Chickpea - And, from what we've experienced, they are the sweetest natured animals too :)

  2. Well done! With goats some breeders practice line breeding to keep good traits in a line. Right now I'm just trying to get unrelated goats for the foundation of my Kinder herd. It hasn't been so easy! A doeling I was planning to buy from 800 miles away turns out to be closely related to one of my bucks. Small world sometimes!

    1. Leigh - Apparently cross breeding can cause appalling birth defects in alpacas - such as a closed palate. We'd hate to be the cause of that... !


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