Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Softer soap

If you follow my other blog, you'll know that I make our body soap.

Well, looking at all the fleece from the alpacas I decided to have a bit of fun.

I took roughly 5gms of alpaca fleece and carefully wrapped it round a piece of my soap.  Gently wetting it, whilst moving it ever so slightly. I end up with this:

Kris' white fleece was wrapped first, and then
Miranda's brown fleece got marbeled on top.  I
love the end result.
Felted soap :)  A veritable permanent facecloth that also prevents wet soap leaving it's normal sticky residue on the basin / bath or shower soap dish.

When Rae & Dino came to visit, I gave her a bar of the felted soap.  In her subsequent e-mail to me she wrote :

"Somehow you just can't imagine washing yourself with wool wrapped soap but after a second or two it develops a lovely lather and I think because the fibres are so fine, my skin felt positively buffed and smooth, soft as anything afterwards. Great soap too Dani!"  (Thanks Rae - the soap is good because you were so incredibly generous to send me a soap recipe all those years ago :) )


  1. oh Danie - THAT is awesome! i can only imagine how it would feel! it would be similar to a sea sponge but i bet it's softer! i love it!

    your friend,

    1. kymber - High praise indeed from Rae! Lol - I haven;t tried it myself as I only felted one bar to see how it would turn out. Now I need to felt the rest of my soap :)

  2. woops - finger must have slipped and i put an "e" on your name!!!

    1. No problem - kymber - know the feeling

  3. What a wonderful idea! Never in the world would I have thought to wrap soap in felted wool. I'll bet it feels heavenly on the skin. Soap making has been on my list of things to learn and try, for a long time. Perhaps when winter rolls around again and I have more time. I love homemade soap.

    1. Vicki - The fibre feels wonderful on your skin even without the soap lol

  4. Replies
    1. Simone - S'funny that I gave away my first felted bar as a gift - great minds think alike :)

      Simone - do you have a blog? Your Google+ profile doesn't give any info on it?

  5. Oh I have found your other blog ! lol ! This is so interesting too ! :)


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