Saturday, 2 January 2016

Strange alpacas

I have decided that alpacas are sometimes strange, unfathomable creatures.

In the past, when the weather has been hot, there is nothing they like more than to stand in front of RMan when he holds out a spouting hosepipe so that he can wet their stomachs.  If a puddle of water forms below them, then they'll cush in that too.

Alpacas radiators are their stomachs.  If the weather is cold, they cush on the ground to keep their tummies warm, and when they're hot, they'll fight to get their stomachs wet.  Or cush in a puddle of water.

But, last week, they totally confused me.

The temperature outside was 36oC - we were safely ensconced inside the house, in front of the fan, luxuriating in a very comfortable ambient temperature of 25 - 26oC.

But, on this hot day, looking out the window, we spied Miranda.  She was just lying on the field.  In the heat of the day.

At first we thought something had happened.  Then we saw her ears twitch.  And her tailed flicked.
We spotted Miranda at the bottom of the paddock -
just lying there in the midday sun
And we realized that she was sunbathing!!  For goodness sake!!
Judging from her expression, she is in absolute heaven.
20 minutes of vitamin D did her good, then she got up
and proceeded to start filling her stomach once again
If you click on the above pic, you'll see her mouth is slightly open, and you can see her teeth.  She's obviously loving it!  :D

Go figure...!!


  1. That is hilarious. While the rest of us are melting into a puddle, she's getting a tan.

    1. PQSA - Yup - completely out of character too. Noramlly they're hiding in the shade, and enjoying a water cool down.
      Perhaps she needed a boost of Vit D?


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