This blog has been entitled Sustainable Fibres South Africa as a homage to the fibre we harvest from our alpacas.  Alpaca's, due to their split upper lip, are one of the few grazing animals who do not damage / destroy the roots of the grass / plants whilst they graze.

Alpacas are amazing, very graceful - almost hypnotic - animals. They are famous for their spitting, but rarely spit at us.  They tend to use that "attack" against each other - to show displeasure :)

Their fibre is becoming more and more popular as the number of South African alpaca breeders increase.  Alpaca fibre can be knitted, woven or felted.  The multifaceted garments produced from their fibre is incredibly soft, are 7 times warmer than wool and it does not pill.  It is also water-repellent, fire retarding, dust mite repellent, and, as it contains no lanolin, hypo-allgenic. 

Sustainable Fibres blog is envisioned as a designated place to share alpaca info and facilitate the sourcing, and use, of alapaca fibre in South Africa.

It is also designed as a blog which will, hopefully, host guests posts in order to connect people in South Africa who would like to share their alpaca knitting, weaving or felting experiences.

If you have any information to share, and would like me to post the details and pictures, please e-mail me on: dani at ecofootprint dot co dot za.  (Please ensure that your photo's are no larger than 184 kb or, alternatively, a maximum size of 800 X 600 pixels.)

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